Craft Beer Distributor of Arkansas

Central and Moon distributors are independent, family-owned businesses that have been in the beverage alcohol industry in Arkansas since 1935. The Hastings’s family business is currently moving into its fourth generation of leadership.

Central and Moon Distributors have always been known and respected by suppliers for the ability to grow new products into viable brands. This naturally starts with execution on distribution, merchandising and promotions by our sales team and management. Central and Moon are 2 of the largest wine and spirits wholesalers in the state.

With a team of industry veterans, acquisitions of several suppliers and building of local, regional and national brands our division has grown tremendously since 2014. With the same ideals of execution on distribution, merchandising, and promotion as Central and Moon Distributors, we have quickly become the preferred craft beer house of Arkansas. C&M Sales is responsible for wine sales in grocery and convenience as well. We represent brands from both Moon and Central in these sectors.

In 2019, we started a non-alcohol division as part of C&M Sales. We started with several brands providing the first option for statewide non-alcohol coverage. We now have over 20 non-alcoholic brands that we distribute across the entire state of Arkansas. The non-alcohol division has dedicated salespeople and managers and is quickly becoming the preferred non-alcohol distributor for the state.

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